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Avery Dennison® Monarch® Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Each sold separately, Coated Side In

Wählen Sie ein Type
Standard WaxStandard Wax - High SpeedWax/Resin - Steam-ResistantWax/Resin - PremiumWax/Resin - No-Mar AdvancedResin - TuffMark
Wählen Sie ein Size
4.3" x 1968'4.3" x 656'3.5" x 1968'4.33" x 1476'4.0" x 1968'4.33" x 1968'
22,57 $ bis 113,30 $


Größe:4.3" x 1968', 4.3" x 656', 3.5" x 1968', 4.33" x 1476', 4.0" x 1968', 4.33" x 1968'


Selecting the proper ribbon size is important to ensure adequate coverage of the print head to prevent premature print head failure.


For left-justified printers, you must account for the matrix on the inboard side. For example, a 4.0" wide label requires a minimum ribbon width of 4.0625" to cover the label.


For center-justified printers, allow for a 0.20" wider ribbon than the media width.


Standard Wax

Standard and economical quality. Recommended for shipping labels, carton labeling, and retail bags. Ideal for short-term labeling with less scratching or smearing.



Premium quality. Recommended for multiple outdoor usage and applications. Ideal for image durability in scratch-resistant labeling and glossy paper.



Super Premium quality. Recommended for chemical containers, Rx, engine parts, and additional outdoor applications. Ideal for high resistance and durability-based labeling.