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"Display-It" Hooks (2,000/pack)

for towels, knit gloves, socks, slippers, and more

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Permanent AdhesiveRemovable Adhesive
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15,26 USD - 19,00 USD
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Colori:Bianco, Nero


"Display-It" Hooks increase product visibility and provide a durable method for hanging merchandise. Use in conjunction with Attacher Tools. Great for gondolas, end caps, and register merchandising. Easily feature seasonal items, hand towels, knit gloves, socks, slippers, and more.



  • Length: 1.75" / 44.45mm
  • Available Colors: White & Black



  • Priced and sold by the pack
  • Qty per Pack: 2,000 


Compatible Tools Include:

  • Fine Fabric Scissor Grip Tool (955111)
  • Fine Fabric Soft Grip Tool (M0SGF-01)
  • Mark II Standard Scissor Tool (955105)
  • Mark III Fine Fabric Pistol Tool (954888)
  • Mark III Long Needle Pistol Tool (954891)
  • Mark III Pistol Tool (954885)
  • Standard Soft Grip Tool (M0SGR-01)
  • System 1000 Hand Tool


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