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    Easy-Cut 2000 Deluxe with Tape Cutter

    Easy to use & safe!

    11,95 USD
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    Easy-Cut 2000 has the same features and benefits as the Easy-Cut 1000, but several new design enhancements were added to this safety knife. Features include the patented radius-tip blade and multiple blade-depth settings, an ergonomic handle that extends and retracts the blade naturally, a unique clip-on holster and lanyard to prevent lost cutters, and on-board blade storage for quick and easy blade changes.


    In addition, the blade length was refined to accommodate imported boxes that may be damaged or more difficult to cut. A tape splitter was also built into the end of this knife to allow quick-action tape cuts that don't require a sharpened blade. The edge guide automatically deploys when the cutter is removed from the holster – instantly setting the knife into motion for work to begin!


    This is the safety knife that started it all. The Easy Cut 2000 is the choice of safety knives for many of the largest retailers in the world. Historical data proves that Easy Cut 2000 has saved more money by eliminating costly cuts and lacerations than any other knife on the market.

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