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Ecotach™ Recycled (rPA) Fine Fabric Fasteners (10,000/pack)

Made from 74% post-consumer waste

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40,00 USD - 46,00 USD
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Our Ecotach Recycled (rPA) Fasteners meet the needs of environmentally conscious retailers, brand owners, and consumers who want to reduce their environmental footprint. Switching to these fasteners, for tag or label attaching, demonstrates brand innovation and environmental responsibility. Fasteners are made from 74% post-consumer waste from recycled carpets.  



  • Class: Recycled / Fine Fabric
  • Style: Paddle
  • Material: rPA 74% PCW
  • Minimum tensile strength: 2.5lbf / 1.13 kgf



  • Priced and sold by the pack
  • Qty per Clip: 100
  • Qty per Pack: 10,000
  • Qty per Case: 100,000


Compatible Tools Include:

  • Fine Fabric Scissor Grip Tool
  • Mark III Fine Fabric Pistol Grip Tool
  • Mark V Fine Fabric Pistol Grip Tool
  • Soft Grip Fine Fabric Tool
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