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Garment Price Tags - Printed, No Perf


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BiancoGialloRosaArancioneVerde chiaroRosso fluorescente
13,70 USD
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Colori:Bianco, Giallo, Rosa, Arancione, Verde chiaro, Rosso fluorescente


Perfect for retailers who are not using barcode point-of-sale. These pre-printed garment price tags come in a variety of colors, allowing retailers to color-code a variety of merchandise by size or discount level with room for product information and pricing. They are not perforated, and they do not come with strings or fasteners.

  • Preprinted: STYLE, SIZE, PRICE
  • Use the precut hole to attach tags with our Avery Dennison Attacher Tools and Fasteners.


  • Tag Dimensions: 1 ¼” x 1 ⅞”
  • Quantity per Box: 1,000 tags
  • Sold by the box
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