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Aluminum Label Dispensers - Hold 7 Rolls

Each sold separately

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Holds 3" LabelsHolds 1" Labels
57,04 USD - 137,00 USD
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These aluminum label dispensers easily dispense pressure sensitive labels with 1" cores. Removable plastic spacers. Labels not included. 

  • The 818531 Dispenser is 21" L with 7 guides for labels 3.0" wide.
  • The 954727 Dispenser is 9.5" L with 7 guides for labels 1.0" wide.



  • Easy to Load 
  • Each Label Roll Turns Freely on Independent Core of Polystyrene Plastic 
  • Easily Separates Pressure Sensitive Labels From the Backing Paper 
  • New Rolls Can Be Inserted Without Removing Other Rolls
  • Heavy-Gauge Aluminum Base 
  • Optional Spacers Available to Accommodate Larger Size Rolls 
  • Keyhole Slots for Mounting to Wall 
  • Sturdy Non-Skid Rubber Feet



  • Weight: 6 lbs. 
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