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Garment Price Tags - Blank, No Perf


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BiancoGialloRosaArancioneVerde chiaroAzzurroGrigioRossoCamoscioRosso fluorescente
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Large 1.75" x2.875"Small 1.25" x 1.875"
9,59 USD - 10,99 USD
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Colori:Bianco, Giallo, Rosa, Arancione, Verde chiaro, Azzurro, Grigio, Rosso, Camoscio, Rosso fluorescente
Dimensione:Large 1.75" x2.875", Small 1.25" x 1.875"


These blank garment price tags come in a variety of colors, allowing retailers to color-code a variety of merchandise by size or discount level with room for product information and pricing. They are not perforated, and they do not come with strings or fasteners.

Use the precut hole to attach tags with our Avery Dennison Attacher Tools and Fasteners.


  • Small Tag Dimensions: 1-1/4" x 1-7/8"
  • Large Tag Dimensions: 1-3/4" x 2-7/8"
  • Quantity per Box: 1,000 tags
  • Sold by the box
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