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Easy-Cut Standard Replacement Blades (81/pack)

Priced and sold by the pack

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Easy-Cut Standard Replacement Blades are manufactured with the highest quality carbon steel and provide up to three-times longer lasting use.


A special, patented radius blade tip helps to prevent injury and product damage when cutting. Blades do not chip and offer a sharp edge for up to 5,000 feet of cuts, slicing through cardboard cleanly and easily every time!


Replacement blades come in an easy-to-open dispenser, also used to store depleted blades for future recycling.


A shipping label is provided inside the box to return blades when they have all been used.


Each individual packet contains 3 blades: 1 for Easy-Cut's main blade carriage, and 2 for the handy spare blade compartment. There are a total of 81 blades per dispenser.



  • No-chip quality steel
  • Patented radius tip
  • Prevents user injury
  • Stops product damage
  • 3x longer lasting
  • 5,000 ft. of cuts
  • Recycle dispenser



  • Standard Blades
  • 81 total blades per dispenser
  • Dimensions: 2.0” L x 3.0” W x 1.25” D (50.8 mm L x 76.2 mm W x 31.8 mm D)
  • Unit Weight: 4.8 oz (0.14 kg)
  • Item is priced and sold by the pack
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