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Swiftach Fine Fabric Needles, Plastic Base


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15,24 USD
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Pack of four Swiftach Fine Fabric Needles with white plastic bases to be used for tagging fine and delicate fabrics.

Both retailers and brands are realizing that the use of standard needles could lead to damaging merchandise. That is why our wide range of Fine Fabric™ needles are specifically designed to accompany Fine Fabric™ tools in order to reduce the risk of damage to the fabric while tagging.



  • Class: Fine Fabric
  • Material: Plastic Base
  • Nominal Length: 1.0" (25mm)
  • Effective Length: 0.31" (8mm)
  • Outside Diameter: 0.051" (1.3mm)
  • Shortest Effective Fastener: 0.23" (6mm)
  • Pack: 4/Kit
  • Fastener Style: Paddle, T-End


Compatible Tools:

  • Mark III Fine Fabric Pistol-Grip Tool (954888)
  • Fine Fabric Scissor-Grip Tool (955111)
  • Soft Grip Fine Fabric Tool (M0SGF-01)


Compatible Fasteners:

  • Fine Fabric Fasteners, 50 and 100 Clips
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