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Swiftach Micro Fasteners, 10,000/pack

Priced and sold by the pack

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0.17" / 4.4 mm
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39,41 USD
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Colori:Bianco, Nero


Avery Dennison's smallest, most versatile fastener, Micro Fasteners save time, labor and money all while offering a better alternative to thread, glue, metal staples and pins. The small diameter delivers a unique T-End® fastener that secures items tightly and quickly, yet is easy to remove and prevents damaging the fabrics. Ideal for packaging shirts and dress socks, lingerie, simwear, and other highly elastic or tight weaves.

A quick tug is all it takes to remove the fastener, good news when you consider that a consumer survey shows that 99% of customers prefer plastic micro fasteners to pins when unwrapping a shirt. Items look better on display, there is more interaction with the product, and customers don't have to worry about sharp pins falling on the floor or hiding in the fabric.



  • Style: T-End
  • Loading Type: Clip
  • Qty per Clip: 100
  • Qty per Pack: 10,000
  • Length: 0.17" / 4.4 mm
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