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Monarch® 1131 Food Prep Labels, FREEZX® (Case)

Priced and sold by the case

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374,40 USD
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Monarch® 1131® Labels are ideal for date coding quick-turnaround food prepared in advance. Choose from several pre-printed days of the week labels.


FREEZX® - Labels Won’t Fall Off Containers

A freezer-safe, permanent adhesive that’s difficult to remove. Ideal for use on disposable containers, portion bags, or disposable boxes. 

These labels meet the requirements of FDA 21 CFR 175.105 for indirect food contact.


Standard Packaging:

  • Priced and sold by the case
  • Labels per roll: 2,500
  • Labels per sleeve: 20,000
  • Rolls per sleeve: 8
  • Sleeves per case: 8
  • Labels per case: 160,000


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