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Swiftach Fine Fabric Paddle Fasteners (5,000/pack)

Priced and sold by the pack

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26,75 USD
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Delicate applications are no problem. Fine Fabric™ tools and fasteners reduce the risk of creating holes and snags when attaching tags to intermediate weaves, either at the woven label or at the stitches.

The Fine Fabric™ Paddle Fasteners are used to prevent ticket switching and resulting inventory shortages. Users can choose between polypropylene and nylon for added strength.



  • Color: Natural
  • Style: Paddle
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Nominal Filament Length: 1.8" / 45mm
  • Nominal Applied Strength: 2.8 lbs / 1.27kg
  • Loading Type: Clip



  • Priced and sold by the pack
  • Qty per Clip: 50
  • Qty per Pack: 5,000
  • Qty per Case: 50,000


Compatible Tools Include:

  • Fine Fabric Scissor Grip Tool
  • Mark III Fine Fabric Pistol Grip Tool
  • Mark V Fine Fabric Pistol Grip Tool
  • Soft Grip Fine Fabric Tool
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