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Swiftach Industrial Buttoneer Fasteners (5,000/pack)

Priced and sold by the pack

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0.21"/5.3 mm0.10"/2.5 mm
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22,22 USD - 38,54 USD
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Colori:Natural, Black


The Industrial Buttoneer System is designed for use in many assembly applications such as pleating, bar tacking, spacing, closing, and joining. Used extensively in the automotive industry for joining rubber components such as door gaskets to facilitate compression and to avoid having metallic parts contacting.

The fastener's rivet-shaped head makes it ideal for securing rubber and other elastic materials. 

Small-size button-end fasteners are made of stretchy polyurethane material, perfect for tough applications. 



  • Class: Buttoneer
  • Material: TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)
  • Nominal Filament Length: 0.21" / 5.3"
  • Nominal Applied Strength: 4.0 lbs / 1.8 kg
  • Color: Natural



  • Priced and sold by the pack
  • Qty/Clip: 48
  • Qty/Pack: 5,000
  • Qty/Case: 50,000


Compatible Tools Include:

  • Buttoneer Needles
  • Mark III Industrial Buttoneer Scissor Grip Tool
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