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Swiftach Fine Fabric T-End Fasteners (10,000/pack)

Priced and sold by the pack

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.44"/11 mmselected-value
56,30 USD
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Avery Dennison Fine Fabric is a wide range of tools and fasteners for delicate garment tagging. These enable the fast and secure attachment of branding, price, size, and barcode information with little risk of damage to the product.

Delicate applications are no problem. Fine Fabric™ tools and fasteners reduce the risk of creating holes and snags when attaching tags to intermediate weaves, either at the woven label or at the stitches.



  • Color: Natural
  • Style: T-End
  • Material: Nylon (added strength)
  • Nominal Filament Length: .45" / 11mm
  • Nominal Applied Strength: 3.5 lbs / 1.58 kg
  • Loading Type: Clip



  • Priced and sold by the pack
  • Qty per Clip: 50
  • Qty per Pack: 10,000
  • Qty per Case: 100,000


Compatible Attacher for this Fastener:

  • Fine Fabric Scissor Grip
  • Mark III Fine Fabric Pistol Grip
  • Mark V Fine Fabric Pistol Grip
  • Soft Grip Fine Fabric Pistol Grip
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