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Swiftach Tag Fast™ Double-Paddle Fasteners (1,000/pack)

Priced and sold by the pack

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9,06 USD
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Colori:Blu, Verde


Designed for the food industry, the Tag Fast™ fasteners are made of Nylon 6/6 and do not contain caprolactam (a toxic irritant). These fasteners feature extra strong double paddles that provide a firm grip for easy and complete removal. Tag Fast fasteners have 25% more tensile strength than standard fasteners. Certified for food contact material under the European regulation (EC) No 935/2009 as well as being compliant with United States FDA regulation 21 CFR Sections 175,1 77 and 178. These fasteners are also RoHS and REACH compliant.



  • Class: Tag Fast™
  • Style: Double-Paddle
  • Material: Food Grade Nylon (added strength)
  • Loading Type: Clip
  • Nominal Filament Length: 1.8" / 45mm
  • Nominal Applied Strength: 10.0 lbf / 4.5 kgf



  • Priced and sold by the pack
  • Qty per Clip: 50
  • Qty per Pack: 1,000
  • Qty per Case: 50,000


Compatible Tools Include:

  • Mark III™ Tag Fast™ Tool - Meat Tagger (Item # 954893)
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Needles (Item # 954894)
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